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Here is a picture of our little dachshund named Juniper. She is a short haired miniature dachshund and is a year old. She likes to terrorize the chipmunks and deer that often hang out at our house looking for handouts. She is the inspiration to our new dachshund gift designs.

"Namami" is the word for "seven seas" in Japanese, however we are an American import/export company that started in September of 1999, mainly concentrating on hand made products.  We sell our products both retail as well as wholesale.

As Dachshund enthusiasts and owners for the past 25 years, we are focussing our products on this special breed of dog. We know what the dachshund enthusiast is looking for and we design most of our products ourselves with you in mind. The dachshund products are designed by Nanami Trading here in the United States and are specially hand made in Asia by talented craftsmen.

We are excited about our new products and hope that you enjoy them as well. We are always looking for ideas for new products and are interested in your comments and suggestions. Please keep in contact with us and let us know what kinds of dachshund gifts you are looking for.


Sean Buckendahl
President and Owner of Nanami Trading


To Contact Nanami Trading:
Nanami Trading
P.O. Box 865
Crooked River Ranch, Oregon 97760 USA
Tel: (541) 923-2650
Fax: (541) 923-2550


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Nanami Trading  

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